Regular exfoliation is great for your skin?  It promotes cell regeneration, blood flow to the skin and removes dead skins cells.

By removing these dead cells, pores stay clog free and leaves the skin refreshed.  This leads to clean pores, clogged pores may result in blackheads, which traps bacteria leading to acne. Clean pores may also help diminish their appearance as clogged pores look larger.  

In addition, removing dead skin cells speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place!  How amazing is that!

But be aware as salts and certain grains are not ideal for the skin on your face.  Non-manual exfoliation using ingredients such lactic acid, enzymes is best.  Manual exfoliation using exfoliating grains is good too, but be careful which types you use on your face, as salts and certain other grains have sharp edges leaving micro-cuts on your face.   Use microdermabrasion crystals, jojoba beads (these are really mild) and try to stay away from Sugar or Apricot. 

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Happy exfoliating!!!